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  • State FFA Officer Candidates

  • Nominating Committee Updates - Nominating Committee reviews in progress

  • Career Development Events Being held at Convention -Ag Marketing, Creed, Prepared Speaking; Extemporaneous Speaking; Opening and Closing Ceremonies; Quiz Bowl; Aquaculture; Safe Tractor Operation; Agricultural Issues.

  • Chapter Delegate and Alternate Materials  (see below)

  • Proposed Budget for 2012-13  Part A  Part B

  • Proposed Program of Work

  • Committee Writeups and Instructions

  • Committee Assignments for Delegates - to be posted once chapter names are received


Advisors Guide 2012 - Please Read Carefully - May 19, 2012

Planning for the  State FFA Convention, Suffield High School, Suffield, Connecticut

Who is eligible to attend?

Chapters from across the state are encouraged to attend the state FFA convention.  ALL FFA members are encouraged to attend, regardless of whether they are involved in activities.  Being there is a learning experience just in itself. Some of the students and individuals who need to be there are:

  • Each chapter is eligible to bring two voting delegates and two alternates (these students should not be involved in other activities at the conference which could interfere with their duties as delegates)
  • State FFA Degree recipients (student and school will be notified via web site and email)
  • State Proficiency Award winners (student and school will be notified via www.ctffa.org web site and email)
  • Leadership Career Development Event finalists (events this year are Prepared Public Speaking, Extemporaneous Public Speaking, Creed, Quiz Bowl teams, AG marketing, Aquaculture CDE, Ag Issues and Opening and Closing Ceremony CDE.
  • Career Development Event Skill Finalists (Spring and Fall CDE) -Top three high individuals from all CDE and top placing teams. Previously announced winners from November 2011, April 27 and May 1 & 8th are invited to a special reception at the convention from 11 a.m. to noon to pick up their awards, have photographs taken and meet the sponsors.  Special reception foods will be available and special gifts for those who attend (advisors are welcome to be present for photograph session - additional  instructions will be emailed prior to the convention).
  • FFA Foundation Scholarship winners (students and advisors notified)
  • FFA Alumni Washington Scholarship winner (students and advisors notified)
  • Those assigned Courtesy Corps duties
  • State FFA Officer candidates (those who apply)
  • State FFA District Presidents candidates (those who apply)
  • FFA Alumni
  • School Board members
  • Legislators
  • Other state and community leaders

If you know of someone who should be extended an invitation by the State FFA Association or should be considered as a judge, contact the State FFA Advisor at 860-377-8290 or email ffacoordinator@ctffa.org

How does a student Dress for the conference?

Standards for official dress are important for the state FFA conference.  Please consult the Official FFA Manual for Official dress guidelines.  Advisors can make a difference by beginning early to ensure chapter delegates have the correct apparel when they arrive at the conference.  Students must be in official dress in order to appear on stage.  

How Do I Register for the Conference?

Each chapter is to register, using the enclosed registration sheet and return by the deadline date.  The chapter registration fee is $50.00 per chapter. The cost for the entire conference is $17.00 per person, which includes breakfast snacks, lunch, registration and conference materials. Additional meal tickets are available for parent’s and special guests for $10 each. (See General Registration Form.)

 Creative and Educational Activities

A number of exciting things are happening throughout the day for FFA members! A reception for 2011-12 CDE winners; career show; silent auction.  

  Official Delegate and Alternate Responsibilities

The role of the official and alternate delegate is extremely important.  Each chapter is allowed to have two Official Voting delegates with two alternates.  The role of the alternate is to take the place of the official delegate when they are involved in another activity that takes them from the voting floor.  Alternates may not serve in the place of a delegate unless the State FFA Secretary has officially recorded them.  Delegates and alternates will be assigned to serve on an Issues Committee prior to the start of the business session. A business session will be held to conduct the necessary business of the Connecticut FFA Association.  Proper parliamentary procedure will be followed at all times and proper decorum of all FFA members is expected.  Items that may be found during the business session are:  Secretary and Treasurer reports; presentation of Issue Committee reports, approval of a National FFA Officer candidate (if one applies); setting of budget and dues for next year; election of new officers; constitutional changes and any other business that may come before the assembly. Chapter advisors should review basic parliamentary procedure skills with your delegates and alternates so they are comfortable in representing their chapter at the meeting.  

 Courtesy Corp

The Suffield FFA Chapter will be providing the Courtesy Corps members for this conference. If your chapter would like students involved in the Courtesy Corps, please see the Courtesy Corps application on the Convention web site.  

 Agricultural Career Show

Agricultural postsecondary schools, agriculture organizations and businesses will have booths throughout the conference area for the students and adult to visit and ask questions.  Chapters who would like to highlight an aspect of their schools may request a booth free of charge by contacting the State FFA Coordinator at ffacoordinator@ctffa.org.  

.Silent Auction

The State FFA Alumni will again be hosting the FFA Silent Auction to raise money for FFA Scholarships and other educational activities for Connecticut FFA members.  All chapters and individuals are encouraged to solicit donations from businesses and organizations in their area for this event.  Chapters may consider bringing bedding plants, houseplants or small animals that they have raised in school.  What has been brought in the past?  Movie tickets, nursery stock, seeds, guinea pigs, parakeets, rabbits, antiques, logo t-shirts, gift certificates of all kinds, hand-made items, collectibles, books, glassware, paintings, commemorative items, and the list goes on… For more information on the Silent Auction you may contact the State FFA Alumni Secretary, Emily Kalenauskas at ekalenauskas@yahoo.com.

 Instruction for Appearance on Conference Stage

All award and degree recipients will be given reserve seats for the awards session in which they are to appear on stage. Parents of State FFA Degree recipients and State FFA Proficiency awards are encouraged to attend.  There will be reserved seating in the auditorium for these award winners. Degree Recipients MUST be in official Dress.  


Students MUST be present to receive their recognition for State FFA Proficiency awards and State FFA Degrees.  If a student has extenuating circumstances which prevent them from attending, they MUST write a letter to the State FFA Coordinator, requesting permission to miss these award presentations.  Letter will be addressed to Mr. Milton Natusch, State FFA Coordinator, 264 Storrs road, Mansfield Center CT  06250.